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‘After the masque’

August 17, 2011

The thunder rolls, the rain redoubles;
Behind the church the gurgling drain
Drinks in the stream that runs and bubbles
Red-hot from the ragged vein.

Against the stonework, close as lovers,
There one discloses, one discovers,
The truth of long-forgotten things,
The taste of blood, the sound of wings.

The bite lays open skin and muscle,
The muddy smell of rain replaced
By sweet and salt and copper taste;
The heart that in the ballroom’s bustle
Leapt at the smile, the kiss, the waltz,
Stirs once, and once again, and halts.


We started a new game of Vampire: The Masquerade last night. The party as planned  is myself, Rhiannon, Graham, and Graham’s housemate Angus, with Graham’s other housemate Alan GM’ing. (Pseudonyms ahoy!) J may or may not join in depending on whether he can think of a decent character concept in time. Anyway, I’ve had vampires on my mind somewhat, and this was the result.

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