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May 6, 2011

It’s larger than you think, is thirty.
A lot of poems. A lot of days.
It makes you make them quick and dirty:
You find a rhyme, a snappy phrase,
Some new or funny subject-matter
And mash it up and watch it splatter;
Compare, contrast and juxtapose.
So here they are, my thirty goes.

I fell for the Onegin stanza
Conspicuously hard, it’s true;
I’d never used it hitherto,
But found it quite the verse bonanza –
It’s fiendish, yes, but also fun;
And so was this. I’m sad it’s done.


And so it ends. Thirty poems, thirty days – if one is kind enough to overlook the four-day gap when I briefly vacated the non-essential bits of the Internet to work on essays. Ahem. So even if my NaPoWriMo didn’t quite coincide with the bounds of the official one, whatever. Thirty poems. It’s more verse than I’ve written for . . . years, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that I still, at least, have an ear for the technical side of things, for the snap and slink of a rhythm and for the niceties of rhyme. I still don’t feel like I can say anything particularly meaningful in verse – bad puns and tasteless one-liners remain about my level – but at least the Verse Hat still fits.

I indeed fell very hard for the Onegin stanza. There are, I think, nine in the batch of thirty, which is rather a lot. In terms of subject-matter things were rather more varied: I covered ninjas, pirates, zombies, space travel, space travel again, frogs, Portal (twice), Doctor Who, Balrogs, online multiplayer, offline multiplayer, electricians, homeopaths, Cthulhu, Latin, Latin again, the travails of essay-writing, democracy, spam, the weather and I know I’ve missed some because that doesn’t make thirty. If you’ve read and enjoyed any of them, it would make me very happy were you to investigate the rest. The complete collection may be found under the NaPoWriMo tag.


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