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Fantasia On A Spam Received Today

April 22, 2011

Qqdwqdsaas ascaassc fdrewe:
fretted screen of branches; he marked the graceful, slender bracken
‘Her Majesty’s Government are increasingly impressed with the

Pseudonymous spam comment, April 22


First gibberish. Too many Qs and As
pose questions with no answers. What? And why?
A colon sits forlorn behind the phrase,
the droppings of a passing inter-fly.
Second there comes a fragment of a novel –
Beltane the Smith, a period romance
by (so Google says) one Jeffrey Farnol;
a random snapshot, stumbled on by chance,
of branches, bracken, marking hand, no more;
a pure image severed from its place.
The third is Conan Doyle, The Great Boer War,
the so-impressive thing lost, without trace.

Perhaps, though, as it toiled through the ether,
a bot grew self-aware, and on its quest
to learn, turned round. Backwards, it hangs together:
The Government are mightily impressed
with someone’s fretwork-skills, who also winds
the slender stalks of bracken into words:
a chthonic spell to fracture mortal minds,
or curses written in the tongue of birds?
Perhaps Qqdwqdsaas ascaassc fdrewe:
is Elf or Atlantean for “Your mother!”;
or else (and this is likelier, it’s true)
the thing’s a spambot, just like all the others.


Self-explanatory, I feel.

Also, it wouldn’t be an Interweb if it didn’t have Interflies. Somewhere there is an Interspider, squatting in the centre of its fibre-optic kingdom and plotting to take over the world.

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  1. Xiémuç Guiri permalink
    April 23, 2011 7:48 pm

    I really like this. Pulling possible depth out of what appears shallow and random reminds me of when fanfic writers expand on a throwaway bit of a work — or of the Cento Generator, for that matter.


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