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November 19, 2010

I got out of the station this morning and, at the next big intersection, there were a dozen or so Canada geese standing in the yellow no-stopping box, flapping and honking, and apparently completely unperturbed by the cars nosing gingerly around them. People were laughing and taking photos on their phones. Someone had started trying to herd them out of the road by the time I moved on.

Then, at the department, one of the professors has a tree (or possibly a whole orchard, judging from the quantities) of big green cooking apples that she brings in for people to take away, and today there was a basket of them on the table by the pigeon-holes. One of them had a weird little excrescence over the hole where the stem goes, looking strangely like a nose. Of course I drew a face on it. I hope somebody found it.

Good seminar on authors and authorship in the medieval world – looking at Chaucer’s famous retraction, Peter Abelard’s memoirs, Wyclif’s justification for translating the Bible into English (best reason: “The French already have vernacular Bibles! Do you want them to WIN?”)  and some other interesting bits. On the theoretical side, Roland Barthes, who I can take or leave, and Foucault, who is always worth reading.

Went shopping for boots. Finally bought some boots. My feet will be dry for the remainder of the winter! Maybe. I have waterproof-sprayed them and given them new purple laces, anyway.

The highlight of the afternoon, whilst wandering listlessly between shoe shops, was undoubtedly catching Blackbeard’s Tea Party busking on the pavement outside All Saints. Apparently they’re usually a six-piece, but today their tuba player was missing, so they were represented by acoustic guitar, fiddle, two drummers and a trilby-wearing bloke on the melodeon. They are seriously good; if you like folk/folk-rock, well worth a listen. I may have to look out for them and buy them cheesecake.

My NaNovel is keeping just barely ahead of wordcount, I do not know how. I went into it meaning to write something at least vaguely thoughtful on human responses to apocalypse, and lo, it ended up being (so far) thirty thousand words of waffling and Templars. Such is life, I guess.

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  1. Uncle Ed permalink
    November 19, 2010 11:44 pm

    You do know that purple laces (even new ones) are no guarantee of waterproofitude, don’t you?

    Also, writing 30,000 words of waffle about Templars worked for Dab Brown, so who knows, it might work for you too!

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