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University Challenge: UCL vs. Hertford

September 11, 2010

Finally caught Monday’s show – an unusually difficult one, I think, where both teams combined scored less than last week’s winners. UCL beat Hertford College, Oxford, 155 to 125.

Hertford were unusual on two fronts, both for fielding two women as opposed to the usual one or none (as a co-ed college; Newnham, which is all-female, is an obvious exception) and for only having one English student on the team (plus two Americans and a Norwegian.)

I scored 205, 180 without un-startered bonuses. Ten of those points came from knowing that fifteenth-century friar Luca Paccoli invented double-entry bookkeeping, a fact remarkable only because it was one of the specific trivia my father told me, when I was tiny, on the basis that one day I would need it for a quiz.

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  1. Uncle Ed permalink
    September 11, 2010 10:31 pm

    I got the double entry bookkeeping one too, but overall, due to having Helena on my team, scored -15 (she has interruptionitis).

    What I was actually going to say, however, was that I recently acquired a coll gadget in the shape of a University Challenge Electronic Quiz Game, with four connected buzzers – look it up on Boardgamegeek if you want more details. Apart from having to do your own Paxman impression (which is easy, but fun), it is exactly the same as the real thing. So the next time you’re up here it must get on the agenda!

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