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August 29, 2010

Department of Pie: Had pies for dinner tonight, the individual sort in the little foil cases. Cook them in the case, and they will. not. come out cleanly. Cook them out of the case, and they collapse halfway through. THERE IS NO WAY TO WIN.

Department of Stupid Graffiti: To whoever is tagging ‘Medication Nation’ all over the place with a picture of a weepy face, kindly fuck off. Medication keeps people alive and well who’d otherwise be miserable or dead. If you’re against it, I can only conclude that you’re in favour of your fellow humans suffering and dying. Or you’re a conspiracy theorist who thinks that Call-me-Dave has sold our brains to Big Pharma. Either way, fuck off.

Department of Unfortunate Implications: I never got around to writing that Assassin’s Creed II review, and this slipped my mind until watching J play it again this evening. There’s precisely one black character in the whole of AC2, and he’s the main villain’s brute of a henchman. Way to go, Ubisoft.

Department of Pestiferous Infestations: We’ve currently got enough fruit flies in our kitchen to run quite a large genetics experiment. They persist, despite emptying the bins, putting up flypaper and setting out traps. Fecund little bastards.

Department of Nice Things: The other day, Rhiannon and I took a bag of bread ends and walked down to the canal. We fed the ducks, picked a pile of blackberries (which this evening became a rather nice crumble), dropped in on our local awesome charity shop (where I bought yet another jacket ), and talked body-shaming and moral philosophy.

Department of Nerdery: I’m writing a Team Fortress 2 fanfic with the basic premise that “The RED team find a baby on their doorstep. Hilarity ensues.” I have zero further plot, and also, no title. There must be a sufficiently awful pun out there somewhere. Ideas, anyone?

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