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University Challenge: Christ’s vs. Liverpool

August 17, 2010

Poor Liverpool. I’m sure it’s a perfectly fine university, but on this week’s UC the Liverpool team got comprehensively curb-stomped by Christ’s College, Cambridge, with the score finishing at 290 to 60 in Cambridge’s favour.

I got 225, 185 without unstartered bonuses. The only round I got all four questions on was the first picture round, which required the teams to identify the works of origin of fictional alphabets – Tolkien’s Elvish, Aurabesh from Star Wars, the quasi-Egyptian glyphs from Stargate and the Klingon script from Star Trek.

The Christ’s captain, Natasha Simonova, is extremely sharp. One to watch, I think. (She also has very nearly the same name as the love interest from GoldenEye – Natasha is a diminutive of Natalya, and Semyonova and Simonova are variant spellings of the same patronymic.)

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