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Crysis 2

April 9, 2010

When I saw the first Crysis game, I was fairly uninterested, except from a purely technical standpoint – it’s fairly well known for it’s ridiculously computer-intensive graphics, but other than being well-programmed and having fantastic graphics, it seemed to be yet another first-person shooter that wasn’t worth looking twice at. This opinion hasn’t changed, especially as I still can’t afford a computer that could run it, being PC only and having very high requirements.

However, reading this article on Crysis 2 this afternoon is piquing my interest in the sequel.

The graphics are still awesome, which is always good, but this time it has some much better features. For a start, you aren’t killing Koreans in a random jungle somewhere – it’s killing aliens in New York. They have actually built an accurate virtual reproduction of New York City, which impresses me more than just building a full-scale virtual model of Made-Upville, they’ve gone out of their way to make it more immersive for the player. Admmitedly, I’ve never been to New York, but I’ve seen pictures, the iconic buildings should make it immersive enough.

They also wanted to avoid having the same old cliched storyline, something all too many games have these days, so they hired British best-selling science fiction author Richard Morgan. I love Richard Morgan’s work, I have all of his books (6 so far) because they’re incredibly well-written, with unpredictable plot twists and deep original characters, so I have a good feeling that the Crysis 2 storyline is going to be amazing.

All of this would not make a jot of difference, however, if the game was still a PC exclusive (or supercomputer-exclusive by the sound of things), but Crytek have shown that their Crysis 2 demo can run on an Xbox 360 and will be released on both it and the PS3 as well as the PC. Which is excellent news for me, as I don’t own a PC that can run it but I do own a 360, so I await this release with anticipation. It won’t be the most anticipated game for me, series that I know and love will win out there (like Civilization V, and Fallout: New Vegas), but I have high hopes for Crysis 2. The only way they could really improve it in my eyes would be if it was designed by my favourite developer, Sid Meier, and written by the only author I consider to be superior to Morgan, Alastair Reynolds.

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  1. wickedday permalink
    April 9, 2010 3:52 pm

    Sid Meier’s Epsilon Eridani, anyone?

  2. knightofthedropdowntable permalink*
    April 10, 2010 10:52 am

    A city/colony construction game where you have to build up Chasm City, explore and terraform Yellowstone, and survive the occasional Plague? That would be awesome!

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