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April 1, 2010

So November is NaNoWriMo, and April is NaPoWriMo, one of the many variant challenges dreamt up by people on the internet. Now I love the concept of writing a poem a day, but I’ve tried going “I am going to sit down and jolly well write a poem” before, and it never works.

So instead I’ve decided to spin off my own niche challenge, and I have christened it NaPoTraMo: National Poetry Translation Month. For the month of April, I will try and translate at least a small snippet of poetry every day, and post it here.

I hope to keep my literary hand in, and hopefully it’ll also prevent my Latin/OE/ON from rusting too much over the Easter break. Expect to see a wide variety of classical/medieval stuff; most if not all will probably have been Englished before, but hey, it’s always worth another go.

A couple of previous translations can be found here and here.

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