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University Challenge: Imperial vs. Girton

March 22, 2010

As Paxman put it, Girton went through this entire match looking slightly bemused that they were even there. In the end they lost to an on-form Imperial team, the margin of victory a neat 200 to 100. I was a little surprised at how stumped the all-scientist Imperials were by the round on basic physics and dynamics, but then, these things scramble your brain. When I was revising for A-Level Maths, I could do algebraic trigonometry in my head but couldn’t add up any more. (Five years down the line, this has thankfully reversed.) Maybe doing a physics degree leaves no mental space for the extremely basic stuff?

I scored 130 in starters, 180 with starter’d bonuses, 215 all told. Got a perfect score on two rounds of bonuses: words which mean different things in different languages (pain, kind, once – also mean ‘bread’, ‘child’, and ‘eleven’ in French, German and Spanish respectively), and saints. Some of them are portrayed in icons carrying their own head, you know. And St Cuthbert is portrayed carrying somebody else’s head. How strange.

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