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University Challenge: Manchester vs. Edinburgh

March 4, 2010

I’ve barely switched on the TV for the last few weeks, and basically forgot about University Challenge. Ran across the quarter-final playoffs today when flipping through iPlayer and decided to break out the notepad again.

This week Manchester played Edinburgh, winning by the narrowest possible margin: 170 points to 165, with the gong intervening between an Edinburgh player’s buzz and his answer – which, being a starter, if he’d got it right would have been enough to snatch the win. Nail-biting stuff, insofar as UC can really be nail-biting.

Low-scoring game, too: a lot of unanswered starters, and a lot of wrong answers. And a lot of long answers as well – one particularly fiendish round requiring the contestants to balance chemical equations dragged on for so long that Paxman suggested to the cameraman that they cut back after Newsnight.

I turned in 235, 140 without un-startered bonuses. I was quite pleased with getting the Greek mythological characters beginning with ‘Poly-‘ (-hymnia, -nices, and -phemus).

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