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Things J has been doing instead of blogging

February 23, 2010

Yeah, this blog has been lacking posts of mine for a while now, and even though it isn’t really my blog, I feel I should try and keep something going on it. There are several reasons I haven’t posted for a while, the main two being that I am a master of procrastination, especially with blogs and forums, and also that I am working 9-5 during the week (although this second point seems to be increasing the amount of posting I do).

The third reason for not posting is that I recently bought an Xbox 360, and have been playing one of three games for most of the last month – Oblivion, Team Fortress 2, and Assassin’s Creed.

All three are games I’ve been meaning to play at some point, and now I have disposable income I seem to have been disposing of it effectively. TF2 I have played occasionally on my housemate’s Xbox, but now we have two linked together it’s more fun, and it’s much easier to be a Sniper, Engineer or a Heavy/Medic team if there’s two of us working together. I’ve also recently found that when the internet isn’t lagging like crazy, I can snipe quite well, and Spy quite well too.

I used to hate Spies when I started playing, sneaking up behind me when I was about to kill someone, but it’s really a lot of fun playing one, especially when nobody else on your team is one and the enemy aren’t expecting it. We have had some hilarious moments recently; once, four people on my team (including myself) all independently changed to Spy and tore the enemy team to pieces. We all arrived at the Control Point at the same time and realised what we had done, and a well-timed “Gentlemen…” had us in stitches. Another great moment was when I was against a team of 4 engineers, disguised myself as one and starting sapping all their guns. After the second trip, they were so paranoid that they were all shooting each other by the time I arrived the third time, a pity friendly fire is off!

Assassin’s Creed I bought at the weekend, after ~4 years of ignoring everything reviewers had to say about it and waiting for a) the game to come out, b) enough money to buy a console/good PC to run it on, and c) enough money to buy the game itself. My thoughts so far have been mixed, though – running around the rooftops of Damascus has been the bulk of the game so far, and that has been awesome fun. However, getting from city to city is tiresome and unnecessary, especially now the guards recognise my distinct white clothing from several miles away. Now I’m in Acre, and I’m not sure if it’s just chance or if the guards in Acre are much more observant, but in Damascus I could walk the streets and only occasionally be recognised (never if I ‘blended in’). In Acre, even when ‘blending’ the guards recognise me almost straight away, and the guards they have on EVERY OTHER ROOFTOP don’t hesitate before shooting at me. I hear that Jerusalem is a lot like Damascus, so hopefully 2/3 of the game will be fun, even if the third spent in Acre is frustrating.

So, yes, I probably won’t be blogging a lot in the near future, places to go, people to assassinate. At some point I will try and do the Tory budget thing, hopefully before the election in May, because it will be interesting to know what the party most likely to win is going to do to the already fragile economy. Although what I’ve learned so far doesn’t fill me with much confidence, as the only way to do all they seem to have promised will be large cuts in most public services, and the services most important to me seem to be the ones least important to them…

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