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University Challenge: Imperial vs. St Hugh’s and Jesus vs. Warwick

December 12, 2009

Keeping up with UC seems to be getting harder by the week, what with essays, the weekly Old English translation, and my persistent habit of always being in the middle of something vitally important at eight o’clock on a Monday evening. So, a week late and a dollar short (or something), finally got round to the latest two eps.

Imperial vs. St Hugh’s, Oxford: Imperial crushed St Hugh’s 280 to 80. I placed squarely in the middle with a solid but vaguely disappointing 180, including getting all three bonuses on the round about Renaissance playwrights (including the wild guess that was Thomas Dekker.)

Jesus, Oxford, vs. Warwick: Jesus won 200 to 170. I put in a slightly improved 230, 140 without non-startered bonuses, and was exceedingly pleased to get the question about King John (which now rarely-performed Shakespeare play opens with the title character and his mother Queen Eleanor greeting the French ambassador?) and to recognise the silhouette of Canary Wharf. Or Torchwood Tower as I still occasionally think of it.

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