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University Challenge: St John’s vs. Loughborough and UCL vs. Emmanuel

November 23, 2009

This is basically turning into a University Challenge blog, isn’t it? There will be other blogging, honestly. After NaNo.

Double bill of UC today, as I finally got round to watching last week’s show on iPlayer and then went straight onto this week’s.

First off, St John’s College, Oxford, faced off against Loughborough, eventually winning 220 to 190. I scored 290, 245 without un-starter’d bonuses, and was rather proud of getting all three questions on heroes visiting the underworld (Odysseus; Aeneas; Dante).

Then, UCL lost to Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 185 to 260. I posted 275 on this one, 180 with reductions. Only round I got completely right this time round was the round on literary prizes, with Paxman giving the surnames of the last five winners (Orange; Booker; Nobel).

All in all, a pretty good evening’s worth of really damn hard trivia.

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  1. Des Elmes permalink
    November 24, 2009 10:46 pm

    The St John’s Oxford v Loughborough match was excellent – Loughborough put in a very gutsy performance, particularly Anne Jennings with her speed on the buzzer (who else would have answered that question on the Dewey decimal system as quick as she did?), and on another day it would have been a match-winning performance too. They were just unfortunate to come up against a St John’s side who were brilliant on the bonuses and also put in some very good guesses.

    But if anyone suggested that UCL v Emmanuel Cambridge couldn’t better that, boy were they wrong. That was some surge by Emmanuel in the last third of the match or thereabouts, and their captain Alex Guttenplan was on fire in it. Is it chancing one’s arm to start making comparisons between him and Gail Trimble, or to suggest that Emmanuel have made themselves very serious contenders for the title?

    As for UCL, well, they were really unlucky to have led for so long and then get completely blown off the floor in those last minutes. Just like with Loughborough, their performance would have been match-winning on another day. But to put that Emmanuel surge into perspective (I know the following is useless information, but anyway), they trailed 155-100, and then went and picked up nine starters to UCL’s two (Guttenplan getting five of these), and outscored them 160 points to 30.

    So far, this series might not quite be the epic that last year’s was (even with what happened at the end of it), but it’s still been fantastic, and let’s hope there’s more matches like these two to come.

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