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University Challenge: Christ’s vs. Emmanuel

October 26, 2009

You’d think University Challenge was on a Thursday, the way I tend to watch it. However today I happened to be in front of the TV at 8 o’clock, so decided there was really no excuse. Tonight we had the second highest-scoring losers’ playoff – an all-Cambridge, all-Messiah match between Emmanuel and Christ’s. As it turned out, Emmanuel thrashed Christ’s by 280 to 105.

I also scored 280 (240 without non-starters), and answered 18 starter questions, which seems rather impressive . . .

Things I knew this week: which 20th-century British playwright wrote, among other things, Blithe Spirit (Noel Coward, which neither team got); which Russian-born American writer is usually associated with Objectivism (Ayn Rand, that well-known defender of piracy, rape and child murder); and which Roman poet is depicted by both Plutarch and Shakespeare as being torn apart by irate citizens who mistake him for someone else (Cinna). There was also a round about words rhyming with European capitals on which I did well.

There was an announcement after the show noting that Charles Blackham, captain of the Christ’s team, had between recording and broadcast “died, following a short illness.” He can’t have been much older than I am. RIP.

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