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University Challenge: Emmanuel vs. Regent’s Park

October 18, 2009

You win some, you lose some. After last week’s blistering performance there was really only one way to go (down) and I duly turned in a back-to-average 200, dropping to 150 if you exclude bonuses to which I didn’t know the starter.

This match was between Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and Regent’s Park College, Oxford. Regent’s Park won by 205 points to 165, and would probably have done a great deal better with a scientist on the team. Emmanuel will go into the losers’ playoffs, presumably accompanied by the stuffed dinosaur that sat on their desk throughout.

This week I failed utterly at identifying Le Mans cars and quantum physics equations (do YOU know the difference between the Schroedinger equation, the Dirac equation, and the Klein-Gordon equation?) but was rather proud of identifying song, band and guitar soloist from approximately 3 seconds of ‘Killer Queen’. Also knew that Wordsworth succeeded Southey as Poet Laureate, and that Betjeman took over in 1972.

Next week (well, tomorrow; I may get round to watching it by Thursday/Fridayish): Round 2.

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