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University Challenge: St Andrew’s vs. Somerville

October 8, 2009

Finally caught up with Monday’s University Challenge. It’s been ages since I actually bothered to follow a TV show with any regularity and I am 99% sure it’s because this time, I’ve started documenting my scores. I am a terrible, horrible geek..

Today was St Andrew’s against Somerville, Oxford (one of those ones that used to be all-female and has recently-ish gone co-ed; I was pleased to see that their male:female ratio was 2:2 instead of the considerably more usual 4:0.) Somerville scored a respectable 150, but were outgunned by St Andrew’s excellent 255.

I . . . scored 300. Dropping to 255 if you discount bonuses to which I didn’t know the starter, but that’s what the rest of the team is for. And 150 of those points came in starters. Needless to say I’m ridiculously pleased.

Geeky things I knew today (questions paraphrased from memory):

  • “Identify the Shakespeare play in which a supernatural event is reacted to with the following:” – answers being, respectively, the ‘dead corse / again in compleat steel’ bit from Hamlet, the ‘thy bones are marrowless’ bit from Macbeth and the bit in The Tempest where Ferdinand hears Ariel’s song.
  • “Identify the Greek physician, mentioned in Homer, who was later revered as a god of medicine” – Asclepius – ” his daughter, a goddess of healing” – Hygeia, from whence ‘hygiene’ – “and another daughter whose name is a modern English word meaning ‘a universal cure” – Panacea.
  • “In each case give the name of a dukedom that can be suffixed with -shire to form a county. 1) Conferred on Richard Plantagenet by his brother Edward IV in 1486” – Gloucester. “2) Borne by a close ally of Richard III who later rebelled and was executed at Salisbury” – Buckingham. “3) Borne by Richard Neville, whose daughter Anne Richard III married” – Warwick. (My fairly decent Wars of the Roses knowledge is derived entirely from Shakespeare’s Henry VI and Richard III.)
  • There was also a question asking “Which author, awarded [some prize] for The Graveyard Book, created the comic-book character the Sandman?” to which the answer is of course ‘Neil Gaiman’. I love it when UC has questions about cool stuff. (I would of course include Shakespeare, Greek myth, etc. in this category, but many geeks would beg to differ.)

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